Your Local UK Quarry Stone Supplier

As one of the largest quarry stone suppliers in the UK, Goldholme Stone provide much of the natural quarry stone found for sale in builder’s merchants up and down the UK, and also provide quarry stone for many of the UKs stone masons, large and small natural stone restoration projects, and wholesale to many other UK quarry stone and natural walling stone suppliers.

Using natural stone as a building material remains a popular choice, and fortunately Goldholme’s quarries have plenty of stone to provide for the decades to come.

Local Quarries in the UK

Goldholme operate 2 of the biggest local limestone quarries in the UK. The first of these is in Ancaster, Lincolnshire, and provides our lincolnshire limestones such as Oolitic limestone and Ancaster Hard White Limestone.

Our Hooby Lane quarry, a local quarry near Stretton, Rutland, taps into the Clipsham limestone outcrop. This local quarry provides quarry stone in a wide range of colours: from white (very similar to Portland Stone), to various shades of honey, brown and yellow. This means that we can match almost all limestone colour variations.

Less than 10 miles from Stamford, the Hooby Lane local quarry is one of the main sources of Stamford Stone.