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Some of the superb buildings in Oxfordshire date back to shortly after the Norman conquest and are therefore truly national treasures of our built heritage. Our stone masons have undertaken restoration projects on multiple institutions, churches, and University buildings in Oxfordshire.

Architectural natural stone today is largely decorative rather than structural but can be seen both on the exterior of buildings and in interior design where the durable beauty of the product really shines.

Stone From Our Own Quarry

We are fortunate to own natural stone quarries and supply a broad range of building stone which our stone masons transform into beautiful carvings or repair of exterior features like quoins, window sills and arches, lintels and mullions on buildings ranging from office blocks to private homes.

A critical skillset is matching as closely as possible the original stone colour being restored while keeping in mind that decisions taken hundreds of years ago may have been based on low-cost stone. You want the new repair to be durable so we will consult with you on this to avoid this mistake again. Clipsham stone from our quarry is a hard limestone and popular with masons.

Natural stone is ideal for hard flooring areas like hallways, kitchens, stairs, and reception rooms. It can be cut into thin tiles or ‘slips’ for stunning wall cladding, or laid to create fireplaces, hearth stones and chimneys or bespoke carved pieces.

To give full expression to the potential of the material all of this needs skilled masons and ours have the traditional skills and long experience needed so that you can have confidence in them.

Demand for skilled stone masons Oxfordshire will continue for repair of churches, war memorials and parish crosses scattered across Banbury, Henley and Chipping Norton and the miles of drystone walls in the Cotswolds.

Stone has long history which you can read about in our blog article here:

The Stones That Built Oxford.

We would be pleased to assist with your needs and look forward to speaking with you.

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Natural Stone Components Used By Our Masons
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