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Royal involvement is obvious in the stunning building that is Kings College in the University of Cambridge, perhaps the most remarkable building in Cambridgeshire!

Stone for this building seems to have been principally white magnesian limestone from quarries in Yorkshire that King Henry VI provided and also some from Northamptonshire. As with other areas, stone features in the architecture of Cambridgeshire and is enjoying a resurgence of popularity.

Architectural natural stone today is largely decorative rather than structural but can be seen both on the exterior of buildings and as an increasing element of interior design.

Our Craftsmen

Our stonemasons are using natural stone for exterior features such as quoins, stool and slip window sills, jambs, mullions and band or belt courses on buildings ranging from office blocks to private homes.

Stone is complemented by coordinating natural stone paving and walling to create a pleasingly unified appearance and our stone masons Cambridgeshire are masters at achieving this.

Natural stone is ideal for hard flooring areas inside buildings such as hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, offices, and reception rooms. Natural stone can be cut into thin tiles or ‘slips’ for stunning and dramatic wall cladding, or laid to create fireplaces, hearth stones and chimneys.

Natural stone is also a hardwearing choice for work surfaces in kitchens and bar areas.

There are numerous churches, war memorials and parish crosses scattered across Cambridgeshire and its public cemeteries and miles of stone buildings and walls so demand for skilled stone masons Cambridgeshire will continue in for years to come.

Stone for Cambridgeshire Today

Goldholme Stone supply a wide range of natural stone products, including cut stone, paving stone, flooring stone, landscaping stone, boulders, river cobbles, decorative gravel and aggregate, to builders’ merchants, stone masons and landscapers; please call us on 01400 230002.

Standard components
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