Stone Masons London

Our masons use the highest calibre of traditional craftsmanship and skills to repair and restore natural stone buildings and masonry in the capital. As quarry owners ourselves we are very passionate about the remarkable beauty and versatility of natural stone and our stonemasons’ approach to the material is that of true artists.

Projects Completed

Goldholme Stone supplied and carved much of the natural stone masonry that was used on the renovation of the outstanding St Pancras International Station and Hotel in central London, this building is one of many we have been involved with over the years, along with the high-end flats in Knightsbridge shown in the image below.

Our stone masons work for both homeowners, architects, builders, and developers throughout London to restore the outstanding built heritage of the capital.  Our masonry helps to create extensions and adaptions to existing buildings that are tasteful, elegant and long-lasting.

Stone Masons London.
Stone Masons London

Masonry For Places Of Worship

The numerous old stone churches in London provide our stonemasons with challenging yet highly rewarding work, and grand places of worship like cathedrals certainly showcase some of the best stonemasonry in London.  The sheer beauty of the natural stone carving on London buildings and churches is precious and demands the best stone masons.

Other services offered are:

  • natural walling stone repair
  • carved architectural stonework
  • natural stone sculptures
  • bespoke hand stone carving
  • and much more!

We undertake structural stone and crack repairs, clipsham and sandstone restoration, and lime mortar repairs using traditional techniques.

London’s Masonry Heritage

The history of London’s stone can be seen in our blog post The Stones That Built London; giving you an insight into the types of stone that skilled London stone masons have worked with over the centuries.

To immerse you more in how we ‘live’ natural stone extraction and processing we have included videos below showing we explore for this resource and of one of our quarries.

We would be thrilled to help with your next project; please call us on 01400 230002 to discuss further.

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