Goldholme natural walling stone


Any building that utilises natural stone in its construction is an attractive and enduring symbol of quality and tradition, hence its use in some of the country’s most imposing and elaborate architecture. Our natural walling stone is prepared and supplied in large quantities to numerous builders’ merchants, commercial housing developments and corporate build projects nationwide.

Mixing mortar for natural stone

Please refer to our Good Building Practice PDF

For further information or for a quotation please contact our sales team on 01400 230002.

Our walling stone is supplied in the following preparations:

Sawn on bed and tumbled walling stone

Tumbled sawn building stone is stone taken from large quarry blocks that have been sawn into slabs, guillotined and then ‘tumbled’. This type of stone is neatly stacked on pallets and crane off-loaded. The product comes in four standard course heights 65mm, 90mm, 115mm, and 140mm all working to standard gauge.

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Natural bed/rubble stone

Naturally bedded limestone is the more traditional method of cutting building stone. This method uses thinner layers of stone from the quarry, giving a more traditional finish with a slightly wavy bed joint. The stone is supplied random course in one tonne builders bags.

We generally market and supply three types of natural walling stone: Ancaster, Stretton (which is ‘honey’ and white in colour) and Ironstone.

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