Commercial building

Throughout history, stone has been used in the construction of important religious and secular buildings to promote a sense of strength, confidence, prosperity and importance. Not surprisingly this practice has been maintained in the present and buildings constructed in this way continue to make very powerful statements about the occupants within, and more importantly, what their establishment represents.

We continue to enjoy great success in this sector with numerous prestigious projects under our belts; the most challenging projects include an international airport, railway stations including the extremely prominent St Pancras, in the heart of London, household name supermarkets, inner city developments, pub chains and facades etc.

Much of the masonry used at St Pancras was extracted and carved by Goldholme Stone, attracting much praise from the team tasked with managing the project.

As well as the quality of our workmanship, our ‘ace card’ is the guaranteed supply of building stone from both of our quarries for at least a further 40 years, ensuring that any project started with Goldholme Stone can be confidently finished with the same.

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