Choosing the right building stone in Stamford.

Stamford is situated in the South West Corner of Lincolnshire. It lies within the great Limestone belt which runs through the length of England. The Stamford stone type is inferior oolite Limestone form the Jurassic period.

Once making up the tropical sea bed the sediment often includes shell fragment from various sea life. The biggest problem with natural stone is its physical weight.

Delivery by ox cart or horse and cart often restricted loads to little over half a ton. When considering the fact that a small team of masons could lay half a ton of stone in 1 hour, logic dictates that the source of the stone had to be close to the construction project.

The stone quarries that built early Stamford have long ceased to exist and include:

Great Catserton, Barnack, Kings Cliffe and Ketton, (now a cement works). Roofing stones predominantly came from Collyweston. The nearest active quarries that supply building stone to Stamford are Collyweston situated a few miles to the West of the town. Collyweston producers roofing slates and has recently re-opened after decades of closure.

A few miles to the north of Stamford is Hobby Lane Quarry, Stretton, supplying Clipsham Limestone. The quarry is run by Goldholme Stone Ltd.

A third quarry is situated to the southern fringe of Clipsham Village.

For further information contact Goldholme Stone Ltd.

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