Natural Stone Flooring And Paving

Natural stone as a flooring or paving material allows some of the most creative and enduring finishes possible when in the hands of a craftsman and it never really goes out of fashion!

Modern architectural styles are blurring the lines between indoors and out as interior stone flooring and exterior stone paving balance style and sophistication with hardwearing practicality.

Interior Natural Stone Flooring

Goldholme Portuguese Limestone is available in beige or mixed colour interior natural stone flooring with pleasingly subtle variations of beige and blue as only nature can create. At 15 mm thick, it has a single honed, medium grain face and is cut to a standard 500 mm width.

Our Portuguese Limestone tiles are supplied in random lengths ranging from 500 mm to 1000 mm and can either be cut for uniformity or left to create their own unique pattern.

Natural Stone Flooring And Paving

Exterior Natural Stone Paving

Moving outside, we supply three types of Goldholme Sandstone exterior natural stone paving:

  • Ripple Sandstone features a variety of warm beige colours and a ripple texture, popular in more traditional and rural surroundings.
  • Ocean Green Sandstone is a sombre green-grey, better suited to the hues of an urban environment.
  • Grey Sandstone is a delightful pale grey, perfect for ultramodern and minimalist projects.

All Goldholme Sandstone paving is cut to a standard 40 mm thick and standard widths of 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm. Lengths are random, download our paving and flooring brochure here.

Another option for outdoors is Goldholme Alpine Paving. This features a speckled colouring in variations of grey and can be supplied with an irregular Cropped Edge or a uniform Sawn Edge.

Alpine Paving is 35 mm to 55 mm thick and cut to standard widths of 300 mm and 400 mm. As with all Goldholme natural stone slab products, the paving comes in random lengths.

Natural stone flooring and paving

Call us on 01400 230002 or see some of our case study landscaping projects here below.

Take a look at the below project taken on by the Goldholme landscaping team, featuring a stunning water feature, natural stone paving and bridges.

Our landscaping sales team are able to provide all the items even down to the olive trees and palms, the steel bridges with natural stone paving and the stone for the walls!

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