London Stone Masons

Have you ever looked up at the glowering gargoyles, headstones, or the stone window arches on a magnificent building in London and wondered who made them? Or how they got there? London Stone Masons have for centuries and generations kept tradition and style alive with their intricate creations, carvings and skilled work on rough quarried stones to turn them into the masterpieces that we admire today. The city of London is rich with a history linked to the stones that built it. Read about the history of the stones that built London to give you greater insight into why certain types of stone were used and by whom to build the Great City of London.

As a traditional trade, well trained and experienced stonemasons are becoming a more difficult trade to find. Whether it is the creation of a new piece or the arguably more difficult task of doing a period-specific repair with a matching stone and quality of stone, stonemasons are a sought after and much-needed trade if we are to preserve the great city of London and the centuries of history locked within the walls and on display in the form of intricate and quality stonework.

Are Skilled London Stone Masons Still Needed  Today?

Historically, stonemasons in London were an absolutely vital trade. However, with the incoming of CNC machinery and computer-controlled carving tools that drive down the cost and speed of supply of new stone pieces, the traditional stonemason has an ever increasingly difficult job to maintain their niche in the London stonemason trade. However, what a machine cannot do is the restoration and repair work that still requires the trained, skilled and experienced eye of a master stonemason to cleverly craft new stone to match existing pieces so as not to offend the eye.

There is also, of course, the purists. These are persons that wish ‘The Real McCoy’, and rightly so. When it comes to their stone pieces, they wish the purity and authenticity of the stonemasonry tradition to be preserved. To achieve this, they request that the hands of skilled London stonemasons create their stonemasonry to be as authentic as possible.

Goldholme London Stonemasons

At Goldholme, we have a team of highly skilled stonemasons with a vast array of traditional knowledge and skills. These expert stonemasons can work with any type of stone and can meet the demands of even the most demanding stonemasonry project in London.

If you are in need of a stonemason in London, don’t hesitate to contact Goldholme Stone and speak to one of the team on 01400230002 or send a request to

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