A natural progression from our Quarry Stone and Stone Masonry Services, since 2018 our landscaping team has been providing stunning dream gardens, rockeries, hard landscaping features and landscaping with water features for our elite clients.



High-Quality Landscaping Products & Features Goldholme can Supply:


Decorative Garden Landscaping Stone Decorative Garden Stones

Decorative Garden Stones, or Decorative Landscaping Aggregate, are stones of various styles and sizes that can be used for a decorative landscaping touch. Often these stones are used around the base of trees, around garden borders and in outdoor areas instead of paving or grass solutions.


Internal & External Natural Stone Paving

Goldholme’s Landscaping range includes a decadent selection of some of the finest paving stone solutions available in the UK. Choose from Sandstone Paving, Alpine Stone Paving and Limestone Paving. Many different finishes, different gauged Thicknesses, edge styles and sizes. These high quality paving stones range in price from £28 per sq. metre to £80 per sq. metre. Have a look at our Paving Stone Brochure to see more details.


Wall With Capping Stones Capping Stones

The finishing touch to a beautiful wall, capping stones, or coping stones, offers a stately finish as well as function to protect the wall from rainfall penetration and damage.


Boulders for Rockery Rockery Stone ( Boulders, Large and Small Rockery Stone)

Rockeries are becoming a much sought after garden feature and can be enjoyed year-round with relatively low maintenance. Whether you or your landscaping architect need Boulders or smaller stones to create your dream Rock Garden, Goldholme can supply your desired stones.


Bagged Stone

Bagged Stone

Conveniently bagged stone of many different varieties and colours for your landscaping needs.


Cotswold Stone Wall

Cotswold Stone (Cotswold Walling Stone, Rockery and Dry Stone)

Incorporate a Dry Stone Wall into your landscaping features with our Cotswold Stone. An ancient creamy brown stone that hails from the Jurassic period, this stone can be seen throughout the countrysides of England and the UK in the form of Dry Stone Walls and is a quintessential feature of our heritage.


Bulk Stone StockBulk Stone for Landscaping

Large project and need to buy your landscaping stone in bulk? No challenge for us. get in touch and we can deliver truckloads, bagged or crated stone in bulk to your property.


Landscaping Bridge FeatureBridges

Take a look at the video below showing an example of a project recently completed including a bridge. This could be your garden!


Landscaping Water FeatureLandscaping Water Features

Water features add the voice and life to your rock landscape. Whether it be a trickling waterfall, a lively splashing fountain or a gently flowing stream Goldholme can supply all your water feature needs.


Landscaping Boulders on LorryLandscaping Boulders

Boulders are a wonderful feature to add to your landscape. They have a presence that speaks of strength, majesty and quiet determination. One fine beauty is that every boulder is different giving your landscape a unique touch of class. Supplied from our very own quarry.


Swimming Pool Paving

Swimming Pool Paving

From pavers to pool copings, we can supply all necessary natural stone for the areas surrounding your swimming pool to ensure a top quality finish to your landscaping project.


Read our blog on one of our recent landscaping projects that included a water feature, Or watch the video below:


Contact Us today to have a consultation and get a quote for your dream garden landscaping! Give us a call on +01400230002 or email us your details to and we will be in touch to discuss your landscaping project.

Paving Brochure

Download our external paving brochure here!

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