Pete Fords Youtube video gets over 2,500 views

Goldholme released a video on how to make the perfect Mortar mix according to stone laying master Pete Ford. Too much cement and your stone won't be able to move and contract in the heat causing the faces of the stone to blow! The colour of the mix is also very important for the...

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A carving by Chris Slack

Here is the latest stone mason carving by Chris Slack from S2 builders in Grantham. Chris recently sent us this photo and we loved it so much decided to include it on the website. It features the royal Canadian Air Force. Goldholme supplies the high quality Lincolnshire limeston...

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  • May 3, 2019
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  • Masonry

Replicating An Ancient Finial

Our stone mason Mark did an exceptional job replicating an ancient stone finial for St Wulfram's church in Grantham last week. We were presented with a Finial that was passed the point of restoration and was barely identifiable after 700 years of weather. Mark had to use his arch...

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