Featured project – Stamford, Cecil Square

Goldholme had the pleasure of supplying high quality stone for an award winning development by Burghley Estate in the market town of Stamford, Lincolnshire. It has been well-planned and built by Cheshire-based Morris Homes alongside architects ADAM Urbanism and landscape archite...

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The importance of wall ties!

Most people order the cheapest cavity wall ties that the builders merchants can offer. The only criteria being the length, which depends on their cavity width. But the cost of using the wrong tie is enough to send shivers down your spine. Using the wrong ties could ultimately me...

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The Stone that built Oxford!

A recent feature in the June edition of the Natural Stone specialist  Highlighted the stones used in the Construction of Oxford! A must read for those interested in Oxford Architecture and particularly the Use of Clipsham Stone which was  said to be seen more t...

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Due to a large number of enquiries, Goldholme has decided to launch a landscaping department to help you create the garden of your dreams. We will be showcasing a large selection of stone architecture, garden water features, patio slabs, pots, art pieces and trees. Why not visit...

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Pete Fords Youtube video gets over 2,500 views

Goldholme released a video on how to make the perfect Mortar mix according to stone laying master Pete Ford. Too much cement and your stone won't be able to move and contract in the heat causing the faces of the stone to blow! The colour of the mix is also very important for the...

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Goldholme Supports Local Food Bank!

During this uncertain time, the team at Goldholme wanted to give back to the community and thought a good place to start would be to support our local food bank in Grantham. We donated half a tonne of food ready for collection by those in need last Friday. "The food donated will...

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  • February 26, 2020
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A carving by Chris Slack

Here is the latest stone mason carving by Chris Slack from S2 builders in Grantham. Chris recently sent us this photo and we loved it so much decided to include it on the website. It features the royal Canadian Air Force. Goldholme supplies the high quality Lincolnshire limeston...

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Barnack stone could be described as the principle stone which built early Cambridge, unfortunately the quarry got worked out by 1460. The Kings Cliffe old quarry in Northants and associated quarries were worked during the late medieval to post medieval periods. They have lon...

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Most of the stones used in the construction of Oxford have corroded over time. Below is a summary of all the stones that have failed at considerable cost to the numerous Colleges, religious establishments, the government for their civil and public buildings and the private l...

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