All about Lime

10 Amazing Facts

1. The Goldholme UK Quarry at Ancaster was used for burning Lime from several pits over 2000 years ago.

2. Lime was used to make concrete by the Ancient Chinese, The Greeks and The Romans.

3. Lime has been used in Ancient Warfare, to decompose the dead, for building mortar, plaster and to make paint, also for the theatre to burn in the production ‘Limelight’ and in the steel industry.

4. The word Lime means Sticky Material.

5. Lime is self-healing (Autogenous). If a building is subject to small movements the lime will crack. As water enters the lime and evaporates it creates ‘free lime’ which fills in the cracks. Cement based mortar would require removal and repointing.

6. Hydraulic Lime can set underwater.

7. In mediaeval times the Master Mortar Men would arrive first and design a lime based mortar from available local materials. These men were of equal standing to Master masons!

8. Lime matures with age. The Romans use to make their Lime putty 3 years ahead of time.

9. Freshly Burnt Lime can ignite when mixed with water.

10. The Dome of the Pantheon Temple in Rome has a span of 43 metres. It was built out of Lime concrete and still stands after 1900 years.

Bonus Fact

Nearly all houses built in Britain before 1914 were built with Lime Mortar without the use of cement.

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