High quality block
High quality block

Since its inception, Goldholme Stone has been a cornerstone in the limestone quarrying industry, providing quality materials for a variety of prestigious projects. However, the landscape of this industry has undergone significant changes over the years. Notably, 24 limestone quarries have ceased operations since Goldholme Stone began trading. This transformation underscores the dynamic nature of the industry and highlights the enduring success and adaptability of Goldholme Stone Ltd.

Quarries That Have Ceased Operations:

1.  Barnack  – Once the source for Peterborough Cathedral, this quarry has been closed.

2.  King’s Cliffe  – Known for supplying stone to Cambridge colleges, now no longer operational.

3.  Tixover  – This quarry has been exhausted of its resources.

4.  Ketton  – Transitioned into a cement works, marking the end of its quarrying days for dimensional stone.

5.  Weldon  – The site is now repurposed for factories and a car park.

6.  Lincoln Dean & Chapter  – The quarry has been built over.

7.  Haydour  – Ceased operations.

8.  Leadenham  – Now a landfill site.

9.  Corby Glen  – The land has been developed and built over.

10.  Careby  – Exhausted of its limestone resources.

11.  Stamford  – This quarry has been built over. The original Stamford stone is no longer available.

12.  Casterton  – No longer operational, now built over.

13.  Wansford  – The site has been built over.

14.  Ryhall  – The area has been developed and built over.

15.  Castle Bytham  – Now built over.

16.  Wilsford  – The quarry has been built over.

17.  Dembleby  – No longer in operation.

18.  Heselburgh  – Ceased operations. No one can identify the location of this quarry.

19.  South Rauceby  – The site has been built over.

20.  Carlton Scroop  – Ceased operations.

21.  Burton Coggles  – Ceased operations.

22.  Greetham  – Repurposed into a commercial yard.

23. Gregories No 1, Ancaster – Exhausted of reserves.

24. Willsford, block stone quarry – Exhausted of reserves.

These closures reflect a broader trend in the industry, where various quarries have either been exhausted, repurposed, or developed for other uses. Despite these changes, Goldholme Stone continues to thrive, supplying high-quality limestone and maintaining its commitment to excellence.

A Legacy of Quality and Adaptability

Goldholme Stone’s resilience and adaptability have been key to its enduring success. The company remains a leader in the field, renowned for its superior limestone that graces numerous historical and contemporary structures. As the industry evolves, Goldholme Stone looks forward to continuing its tradition of quality and innovation.

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