Due to a large number of inquiries, Goldholme has decided to launch a landscaping department to help you create the garden of your dreams. We will be showcasing a large selection of stone architecture, garden water features, patio slabs, pots, art pieces and trees. Why not visit us on one of our open days (dates to be announced).

Take a look at the below project taken on by the Goldholme landscaping team, featuring a stunning water feature, stone walling and bridges.

The original feature became tired after 15 years. Over the last two and a half years we have been modernising it. One of the bridges was reduced in width and moved right to the eastern end.

The canal itself was shallowed from 900mm depth to just two inches, We adopted brushed aluminium for the sides and drain sluice, new block paviours surround it on two sides, the water flows down a concrete slab which is painted blue with silicon-based aqua paint. No expansion joints have been provided for, but this has not posed a problem. It was never intended to rely on the concrete to hold the water.

A rubber liner sits beneath it and raises up the sides behind the masonry walls. The water falls to the east where it drains away. There it flows all the way back 28 meters (91 feet) to a large underground reservoir from where it is pumped back up and the process starts again.

Images of the feature will be used on the new Goldholme landscape brochure our landscape sales team are able to provide all the items featured even down to the olive trees and palms, the steel bridges with stone planking etc. and of course the paving and stone for the walls!

Visit our Landscaping Stone product page to explore the different landscaping stones and features we can supply.