Natural Walling Stone

What is natural walling stone?

Natural walling stone is any type of stone type of natural stone that can be used to construct walls.

Environmental advantages

The quarrying of natural stone is far more eco-friendly than producing reconstituted stone.

Production of natural walling stone creates approximately 4 times less CO2 than is used to produce artificial stones. This is due to the carbon creation when making the cement used in reconstituted stone.

Lead times and costs

Contrary to what you might have assumed, natural walling stone is often more readily available than re-constituted, avoiding potentially costly delays to the timescale of your building project

Planning advantages

Use of natural stone is a big plus in the eyes of local planning authorities, particularly where blending into an existing environment is important.

Environmentally friendly, and visually appealing, natural stone walling could make all the difference between your project being accepted or refused by the planners.

Natural Walling Stone


Over time, reconstituted stone can weather, looking less and less ‘natural’, and reducing the value of the property. Natural stone walling, by contrast, improves in value over time as the natural weathering enhances the authentic appearance, improving the value of your project.


Whilst reconstituted stone can now look very realistic, it still tends to lack the natural variation of the original natural product. Re-constituted stone is mass produced using a limited number of moulds, so whilst it may have an uneven external face to represent natural walling stone, this uneven texture is always the same on each block, in contrast with natural stone where every stone has its own unique character.

Natural walling stone and re-constituted stone compared

See also our in-depth comparison report comparing natural walling stone with artificial stone.

The many uses of natural stone walling


From basic stone cropped walling to superior formal architectural features, natural walling stone enhances any residential project.

Commercial Buildings

As a solid support wall or thin external cladding, it is synonymous with quality and dependability.   

Hard Landscaping

Give a classic ‘stately home’ feel by bounding your garden with a natural stone boundary wall.  Natural stone is also the most visually appealing product to use for retaining walls in a landscaped garden.

Natural walling stone colours

Goldholme can supply many types of natural walling stone as follows:

Ancaster walling stone

Grey / cream coloured

Stretton walling stone

Cream / brown coloured, rich in shells

Ironstone walling stone

Brown / ginger / chocolate coloured

Natural Stone Walling

Natural Stone Walling Types

Sawn bed and tumbled walling stone

Tumbled sawn building stone is stone taken from large quarry blocks that have been sawn into slabs, guillotined and then ‘tumbled’. This type of stone is neatly stacked on pallets and crane off-loaded. The product comes in five standard course heights 65mm, 90mm, 115mm, 140mm and 215mm all working to standard gauge.

Due to it’s consistent standard course heights, this stone type is great for buildings and larger constructions.

Natural bed and rubble stone

Naturally bedded limestone is the more traditional method of cutting building stone. This method uses thinner layers of stone from the quarry, giving a more traditional finish with a slightly wavy bed joint. The stone is supplied random course in one tonne builders’ bags.

‘Natural bed’ or ‘rubble stone’ is the type used for dry stone walls and other outdoor hard landscaping projects such as retaining walls, giving a pleasingly ‘rough’ and natural visual effect.

Stone cladding and veneer walling stone

Goldholme can also provide Stone Cladding (Veneer Walling Stone) on request

Formal stone features, string courses, fireplaces, mullion windows, lintels and door surrounds.

Goldholme Stone provides a complete range of natural stone products to incorporate in stone walls, e.g. stone fireplaces and architectural masonry in natural stone, many are from our own quarries.

Natural Stone Walling Distributors and Prices

Goldholme supply natural walling stone to distributors all over the UK.  You can buy natural walling stone from our network of national distributors including most major builders’ merchants. 

Get in touch with the team at Goldholme to locate your nearest distributor of natural walling stone by calling 01400 230002.