Christmas special – Lord of the Rocks

A true story of christmas spirit to warm the hearts of all!

Once upon a time two hundred million years before we were born there was the most perfect stone formed in middle earth. The land was called Haydour, such was its qualities that in the middle ages monks guarded it’s secrets and built a priory to ensure its protection.

The secret would remain safe for a thousand years until a researcher stumbled on an ancient script giving details of its whereabouts.

For months on end a drilling team would venture in all weathers including baking heat, snow and ice, warding off demons as they searched for the stone in middle earth.

The disappointments were frequent and such that men often broke ranks and left, but they would always return driven by an unknown will to succeed.

Master “where would you have us look? “ they would ask.

After six months of searching the earth stood still as the drill rotated through the purest, whitest stone of them all. Birds flew in great numbers, dogs barked and the church bells rang as they found the stone. After the furore and praising of all involved there was a great deal of rejoicing.

Stone Masons throughout the land slept well in their beds with the knowledge that the great stone has been found.

The journey continues