We have recently prepared a thorough report comparing the 'true' carbon cost of building straw bale houses (often described as zero or negative carbon) to natural limestone. In short, straw bale house might be environmentally friendly if it wasn't for the following. Each crop...

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  • October 3, 2019
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Contemporary stone home!

Goldholme recently supplied the stone for a stunning home in the vale of Belvoir. The home owners were thrilled to be working with Goldholme and were extremely happy with the quality of the stone. https://youtu.be/fckFMrok6Dg ...

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Lorry Vs Oxen

During the roman period stone was hauled by a team of four oxen, a timber cart and a driver. The maximum cargo would be 650kg, the only data available comparable with the ox is a modern day horse at a carbon cost of 476kg per year. Plus a cow which is closely related to the ox. ...

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