Our stone mason Mark did an exceptional job replicating an ancient stone finial for St Wulfram’s church in Grantham last week. We were presented with a Finial that was passed the point of restoration and was barely identifiable after 700 years of weather. Mark had to use his architectural knowledge and years of experience in order to replicate what it might have looked like when the church was built in the 1300s.

The parish church of St Wulfram is a noble building in every aspect, one of the largest medieval churches in the country, seating around 700 people.  Simon Jenkins in his book England’s Thousand Best Churches gave it a five-star rating, in part for the tower and spire. Constructed in the early 1300s, at 282 ft. the spire is one of the highest in the country on a parish church, dominating the views of the town.  The church is built of Lincolnshire limestone, probably from around the Ancaster area.

Ancaster limestone church building