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Goldholme Stone Limited's stone masons produce a comprehensive range of architectural stone masonry components in a choice of styles and profiles, a small selection of which is shown on this page.

The Stretton (Clipsham) limestone extracted from our Hooby Lane quarry is one of the hardest of the lincolnshire limestones making it ideal for stone masonry. It ranges in colour from white to a dark honey colouration across its five beds which means that we can supply architectural components to match almost any regional stone colour variation.

A factsheet featuring the Stretton (Clipsham) Limestone used to produce our architectural masonry, complete with the quality assurance BRE test results is available to download from this website.

Standard Components

Splayed head with keystoneSplayed head with keystone
Splayed headSplayed head
Standard head with keystoneStandard head with keystone
Standard headStandard head
String courseString course
Return (stooled)Return (stooled)
Click each drawing for a larger version with dimensions.