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Throughout history stone has been a highly regarded building material, esteemed for its durability, workability and intrinsic, natural beauty. Cheaper building products may have come and gone but affection for stone has remained steadfast, it is regarded by some as being the most aristocratic of building materials.

So what is it that makes a house built of stone so appealing? Could it simply be a case of stone being a natural resource therefore a house built of stone simply 'fits in' to the environment perfectly? Could it be a perceived notion of status - stone's stately credentials undoubtedly owe a lot to its historical use in the construction of government buildings, churches and castles? Perhaps it is simply the fact that the very nature of stone dictates that no two buildings are ever identical, the positioning of each individual hand finished stone needs to be considered before being laid, the masonry needs to be carved with care and precision, the whole construction process then becomes a part of the overall creativity of this beautiful building which then, in turn, becomes a home.

At our Ancaster works we have capacity to produce 85,000 m2 of walling stone each year. With the approved expansion of both quarries now underway are confident that anticipated reserves will allow us to sustain, perhaps even increase, this yield for years to come.

Ancaster stone by Goldholme Stone