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Goldholme Stone

Goldholme Stone is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing and well respected names in the British stone industry today. Operating from locations spread across five counties, we can saw and supply limestone faithful to almost any regional colour and textural variation.

Our forte is working closely with project managers and architects to provide a reliable source of building stone and stone masonry for housing developments and corporate building projects across the whole of the country.

Our two main limestone quarries are situated close to Grantham in Lincolnshire produce two main stones: Ancaster Hard White Limestone is extracted from Ancaster Quarry on Sleafford Road, Ancaster. It is a creamy white/beige limestone with a uniform colouration and can be seen in many old buildings throughout the country. Our Hooby Lane Quarry in Stretton, Rutland, 'taps' into the Clipsham Limestone outcrop and yields two distinct colours - Honey and White.

Both of our quarries have recently been granted extensions with Ancaster gaining access to untapped reserves of at least 3.5 million tonnes. Hooby Lane is set to continue yielding its limestone, sometimes referred to as 'Stretton' or 'Clipsham' limestone, for at least a further 40 years. This should secure a reliable supply of stone for many more years to come.

Stone masonry is a very important part of our business and our talented team of stone masons can apply their skills to all aspects of the trade. Architectural masonry is the stone masons daily staple diet, however, we also carve bespoke stone masonry and beautiful solid stone fireplaces. Another aspect of our stone masonry operation is the replacement of damaged or weathered stone components in the restoration of historic buildings.

In addition to our own quarried stone we have large stocks of Ironstone and Cotswold Stone. For further details and/or a quotation, please don't hesitate to contact us.