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Goldholme Stone masons can apply their skills to all aspects of the trade. Architectural masonry is the stone masons staple diet, however, we also carve beautiful solid stone fireplaces, bespoke stone masonry and replacement masonry for historic buildings.

Our building stone is cut and supplied in quantities ranging from small projects i.e. a garden wall, fireplace or small extension through to large housing and commercial developments.

From our works at Ancaster Quarry, we produce in excess of 85,000m2 of sawn and cropped walling stone each year. We supply several variant shades of limestone which will suit any regional variation. The limestone is won from our own quarries, Ancaster, Lincolnshire and Hooby Lane, near the village of Clipsham, Rutland.

With over 5 million tonnes of reserves you can be confident in the longevity of supply with Goldholme Stone.

Sawn bed and tumbled stone

Tumbled sawn building stone is stone taken from large quarry blocks that have been sawn into slabs, guillotined and then ‘tumbled’. This type of stone is neatly stacked on pallets and crane off-loaded.

The product comes in five standard course heights 65mm, 90mm, 115mm, 140mm and 215mm all working to standard gauge.

Natural bed/rubble walling

Naturally bedded limestone is the more traditional method of cutting building stone. This method uses thinner layers of stone from the quarry, giving a more traditional finish with a slightly wavy bed joint.

Stone is supplied random course in one tonne builders bags.

Whilst we’ve made every effort to closely match the stone colouration within this website, variations in photographic lighting and the limitations of the printing process makes accurate representation almost impossible. You should always request to see a sample of stone prior to placing an order.